Tips for Painting the Exterior Part of Your House

It is true that remodeling projects for your house are just too huge to take lightly, and house painting is one of them. So the best way to deal with it is by preparing your weapons, have a steadfast mentality, and steel yourself as if you are going to war. 


All the while keeping your sanity intact and delivering good work in the process, here are some tips for painting your own house. 

    Each Side of the House is a Project  

It is not advisable that you will think that you need to paint the entire house now.  It will be advantageous that you focus more on one side and ignore the other sides for now. This method will help you finish a job and not exhaust yourself. 

    Do the Hard and Boring Part First  

Places like under the eaves are considered as the boring parts of your house while the most visible areas are the fun places to paint.  

If you paint all the fun stuff first, you will run into trouble because you will start to think that the work is basically finished. Once you go to those hard and boring areas, you will feel like twice as much work. It is a good idea that you start to get those difficult and boring places. 

    Reward Yourself 

Sometimes giving a carrot at the end of the stick during boring stretches is beneficial. It is a good idea to give a reward by doing the more interesting area of the work for a while. This technique will keep you motivated and with less stress. 

    Flat Finishes Can Make Your Work Easier 

It is true that it is quite hard to choose between the satin finish and flat finish since both have advantages. Due to its light sheen, satin finish exterior paint is easier to clean. You can pick up again on painting any time after you break with no overlapping seams visible; this is one great thing about using flat exterior paint. 

    Paint what is in Reach 

It can be quite time-consuming to go up and down and move it every few minutes if you are using a 16’ extension ladder. For that reason, rather than following some pattern dictated by the architecture, paint as far as you can comfortably and safely within reach while you are on top of the ladder. 

This is where flat finish paint comes to help because it is easy to blend your new work in when you have to return to those painted areas later. 

    Pick your Battles Well 

It is a good idea to make highly visible areas such as around the front doors, backs doors, and entire façade perfect. Other places may not require the same level of care such as under the dreaded eaves. 

    Pick the Right Season  

You will continually be fighting against elements if you decide to begin painting the exterior part of your house in the wrong season. However, if you badly needed to paint your house even though the season is not on your side, you can contact Plymouth house painters and let them do the job for you. 


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